Why Improving Your Mental Mathematics Ability Is So Good For You and Your Family

For most people, mental maths seems a difficult and hard thing to do; often it is just easier to fall back on the calculator or computer and let that do the work. The trouble is this is reducing the amount of mental exercise we undertake and can result in you being slower to the final answer than someone who has basic mental mathematics ability.Note: we are not talking about the ability to multiply 4 digit numbers in your head; rather we are focusing on practical uses of mental maths in your day to day life.First off, one interesting fact – did you know that being good in mental mathematics has been linked back to reducing your likelihood experiencing loss of brain function as you age? Yes, that little bit of mental maths exercise on a regular basis can result in a sustained mental ability all the way into old age!So, how hard is it to learn mental maths? Actually is not that hard, as over the many, many years that maths has been in use a whole collection of ‘tricks’ and short cuts have been discovered and documented that allow you to speed up and be more accurate with your results. In essence people have noticed patterns around certain numbers and mathematical operations and turned them into little ‘tricks’ you can work through to get to the required answer quicker than doing it the traditional long way.Now, apart from the mental health benefits, having a simple understanding of mental maths tricks can make you perform what look like hard maths with apparent ease – great for use in business or just to impress your friends. Also having this mental ability means you can quickly and correctly assess maths based problems and get to a solution faster than anybody else – talk about having a competitive edge in the work place!Also if you have a child, imagine how much of a benefit, time saver and general confidence booster knowing mental maths tricks would be for them in exams or the classroom? Mental Maths abilities for children can be a real benefit that carries all the way through to adulthood.So how do you go about improving your mental maths and that of your family? Well you can do a lot of old fashioned maths by hand, but that soon becomes tiresome and you won’t really learn the tricks that way. We suggest you try using a modern technique such as the Maths Bug app on android. Most people have mobile phones that are able to run apps, so having an app that can teach you maths tricks we think is most convenient and rewarding.So, have a go at learning mental maths tricks, it will improve your mental health and be fun at the same time.