The Third Vatican Is Desperately Needed

The First Vatican Council began on June 29, 1868. This Catholic system existed until October 1958. Its primary purpose was to deal with contemporary problems such as rationalism, liberalism, and materialism at the time. Next, the Second Vatican Council was started in January 1959 and primarily deals with equipping the church to more effectively re-evangelize the world through a language that the world can understand. Both councils have never fully addressed three prominent dilemmas of the church that remain to continue to this day such as the accessibility to the Eucharist, homosexual preferences, and a women’s right to choose. Therefore, this document addresses these three problem areas of the church and also provides reasons requiring a Third Vatican Council. My reasons for such a radical change thus follows below.

To begin, the current state of the Eucharist is such that only Catholics can partake in its glory. This is extremely wrong. The main reason being that this is a violation of Christ’s sacrament based upon Padre Pio’s description of Satan trying to dissuade Jesus’ sacrifice while he dealt with his agony in the garden (The Holy Rosary And Padre Pio, National Center for Padre, Pennsylvania, February 11, 1985). Thus not allowing all people to have full access to the Eucharist violates Christ’s most probably wanting to have perfection over it. This added greatly to his dismay. In addition, Christ’s institution of the Eucharist was himself significantly wanting all people to adore him by remembering both his body and blood not what miserably fails under both Vatican I and Vatican II. Consequently, it is for these reasons that both Vatican I and Vatican II fail to provide a correct offering of the Eucharist.

Next, homosexual preferences are also not considered correct under the conditions of both Vatican I and II. Individuals that are gay do not have access to the Roman Catholic Church. This is an improper stand because in my opinion I believe that these individuals, that desire a different type of sexual preference, should not be treated as outcasts of the church. Similarly, to the newly wanted change in the churches position over the Eucharist, the church should also maintain better symphony for these people because they cannot help their differences in a sexual preference and so they should not be held responsible or discriminated against. It is for this reason that the church must now institute a Vatican III proclamation.

Finally, a third Vatican must be implemented to care for women’s rights. Although Vatican II condones women that are raped, the church now must change its position in regards to other aspects of women’s rights such as birth control as well as its wrong stance on contraception. Birth control is definitely required in many third world countries because the issue of Planned Parenthood is needed to maintain a healthy balance overcoming overpopulation as an example. Thus, a Vatican III, if implemented, could more than properly address this situation. It is for this reason that I believe that a Vatican III is desperately needed.

To conclude, the newly elected Pope Francis needs to now carefully look at past failures of Vatican I and II due to its stringent policy and subsequently institute new reforms. These reforms are offering the Eucharist to all people and changing its position on how gays are treated and how women are treated. I will pray that the current Pope moves in this direction and I hope that you will join me in my prayer. What a wonderful improvement would be achieved if this new Vatican happened. Finally, what an incredible opportunity exists for the Roman Catholic Church.

By: Richard C. Barton