Can Solar Energy Power Up Our Future – Maybe Someday, But Not Yet

It is considered noble to dream of an alternative energy future, I myself enjoy thinking here, but I also realize that the law of unintended consequences is as real as Murphy and that too must be taken into consideration. Far too often dreamers throw away reality and the laws of physics without considering the road ahead, and for this reason I’ve recommended the book; “Physics for Future Presidents” by Robert Muller to more than a few people at our think tank.

Let’s take this conversation to a higher level, and talk about the Sun and solar energy potentials using our current technology. You see, there was an interesting article published in Physorg (dot) com on August 6, 2013 titled; “Report firms up land-use requirements of solar: 1,000 homes would require 32 acres,” and it would appear to me, that if this is so, then solar energy can’t work for our needs currently. Now then, recently it was debated that in essence it is feasible, here is the debate issue:

“The article indicates, 1000 homes require 32 acres, so that’s 0.032 acres per home. 1 acre = 4047 m^2, so that’s 130 m^2 per home, much less than the roof area of a typical home. So don’t we have enough space for solar? I don’t see the need to allocate more space than we’ve already covered with houses, office buildings, and parking lots. And transmission lines already reach these sorts of places.”

Yes, but the current technology isn’t sufficient for that level of efficiency. Indeed, much of the realities to roof top solar might look good on paper, but it doesn’t pan out, roof tops require special alignment to match Sun’s path, plus shading of vegetation, etc., it’s not as stellar as formulated. And, I must ask; what about LA, I don’t see 32 acres per 1000 homes worth of space anywhere, and for solar to work you need it for large cities, where a high percentage of homes are to be efficient.

Now then, someday when solar technology is more efficient, let’s say 40% and you can coat playgrounds, roads, buildings and spray it on like paint, which may be possible at those efficiency levels, then it will work in the city. But if you put the panels in solar farms in the desert it could costs billions to build transmission lines and land use issues are everywhere, they can’t even make solar farms work with all the regulations, environmental restrictions, costs and bureaucracy – and look, I am not a naysayer, I am just saying. Please consider all this and think on it.

Obtaining a Blueprint for Human Survival

If any part of the human metabolism sends out mathematical information causing injury to a healthy part it can be considered to be a carcinogenic occurrence. The human species can be classified to be in an optimum state of health through mathematical computer simulations and its healthy evolution can be observed by creating futuristic simulations. That experiment will immediately demonstrate the nature of the science necessary to ensure healthy human survival technology.

This knowledge was first employed during the 1980s for seashell growth and development through space-time by using ancient Greek ethical Music of the Spheres mathematical theory. NASA published papers by the Science Advisor to the Belgrade Physics Institute, Professor Peter Grujic, that the ancient mathematics was associated with infinite fractal logic. The successful seashell experiment was able to demonstrate for the first time that the bizarre shapes of the famous Japanese fossil, Nipponites Mirabilis (“stone of Japan”), could be mathematically generated through space-time to simulate a living seashell creature. Prevailing entropic mathematics can only generate distorted carcinogenic futuristic biological simulations. Modern entropic mathematical science is unable to link infinite fractal logic to the evolutionary process because entropic science, governed by the universal heat death law sentences all existing life to extinction rather than infinite survival.

Although Nipponites’ bizarre shape was totally confusing to entropic scientists, it nonetheless demonstrated an obvious association with the functioning of the human sphenoid bone. By generating simulations of past various humanoid sphenoid bones, using the successful seashell infinite fractal logic mathematics, the basis of the future optimum human survival technology will be revealed. In 1990 the world’s largest technological research institute (IEEE, Washington) acclaimed the discovery of the seashell life-force as one of the most important mathematical discoveries from 20th Century literature.

Military traditions have been a crucial necessity in struggles to ensure national security. Betrayal of them can be considered to be a treasonable activity. To expect a Nazi fanatic to challenge Hitler’s military dictates is fanciful nonsense. To offer succour to the enemy is also inadvisable unless it surrenders. All such emotive complex military procedures would have a simple technological resolution logic once the futuristic sphenoid bone simulation was generated.

Modern first principle logic is now collapsing. Gravitational first cause principles now appear to be as Sir Isaac Newton predicted within his 28th Query Discussions, turning quantum mechanics upside down. Futile military exercises of dropping relevant messages upon the enemy could be replaced by new areas of technology unimaginable to the preset entropic military mind. Corporate use of entropic information, developed from traditional military reasoning flows logically toward the acceleration of chaos, designed to overtake areas of chaos controlled by competing business rivals. In quantum biological cancer research, health information flows in the opposite direction to that of entropic chaos, providing healthy information to all.

The language used by junk DNA to converse with DNA flows in the direction of future human health and well being, entangling itself with entropic energy information flowing in the opposite direction. Democratic Military Command could well join with a new corporate initiative to establish a dialogue with a futuristic humanoid sphenoid blueprint for human survival, in order to obtain the technology to prevent the next Great War.

Fast Hole Drilling for High Rises which Go Straight Down

In the future the human species may have to build our city’s underground where they can be safe from the weather, global warming or a loss of atmosphere, which allows more space and solar radiation. We know that the cycles of ice ages and solar cycles to severely impact our planet over the period of millions of years.

Maybe not in our lifetimes, but definitely sometime in the future mankind may need to live underground for a millennium or more. Yet also consider that living underground advantages that perhaps you have not considered.

Living underground and using the walls that are already there means that construction will be cheaper. Strengthening these walls may not be as difficult as we think as we master laser molecular realignment technologies.

Is it possible to build a skyscraper which go straight down instead of straight up? Sure it is and many skyscrapers start by going straight down as they must reinforce the structure. Is there a way to thrill the whole straight down very very quickly?

Yes I believe I have thought of a concept, which will help us do this. We used laser cutting tools to cut the rock and dirt and giant Earth vacuums to remove dirt. As we drill straight down the reinforce the sites using laser molecular realignment technologies. This way the vertical tunnel cannot collapse within itself.

Once we get the building to the desired depth and to remove the dirt we simply start putting and cross members for the floors and build a giant elevator and work from their. You could build a skyscraper straight down into the ground in probably less than a third of the time to build it straight up. Please consider this in 2006.

The Rebirth of Plato’s Lost Science

Roberto Denti, the Founder of Quantum Art International, in association with Massimo Pregnolato, Head of Pavia University’s Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Italy, is now promoting an international art competition entitled ‘Creativity and Antidote for Human Survival’ as being an integral part of the 21st Century Renaissance.

What they do not know is that the Director of the Sustainability Research Institute in Australia has just now received an extraordinary assessment of their work, based upon the research of world famous philosophers of science. This assessment provides indisputable evidence that their work is bringing about the rebirth of Plato’s lost science that the Great Italian Renaissance failed to do. Their Antidote for Human Survival is now of great global importance.

Both Denti and Pregnolato are fully aware that paintings can contain true 3D stereoscopic images, as the artist Salvador Dali predicted. They are aware that in the 21st Century paintings are appearing that demonstrate dramatic 3D images. Neurologists are now studying this to understand its evolutionary significance. The rebirth of Plato’s lost science to prevent unformed matter emerging from the physical atom, from the perspective of the Korean crisis, certainly warrants immediate international investigation. Their human survival antidote information was found to express the scientific sustainability of Plato’s educational system.

That system was based upon arithmetic, plane geometry, solid geometry, astronomy and harmonics. Plato’s Republic refers specifically to plane geometry being associated with evolving visual and auditory spiritual perception. He stated that plane geometry was not to be used for practical purposes but only to elucidate the mind’s relationship to the workings of an infinite, ethical universal purpose.

The reason that this science is lost is because it describes the workings of a holographic universe, which is in complete denial of the mechanistic worldview held by Einstein and modern science, that all life in the universe must be destroyed in obedience to the second law of thermodynamics.

During the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci insisted that Plato’s spiritual plane geometry was false. He incorrectly stated that the plane surface of a painting could never contain true 3D images. This mistake corrupted the attempt to rediscover the lost ethical Greek atomic science needed to avoid the destruction of civilization by atomic weaponry.

The Israeli scientist, Guy Deutscher’s 2010 book of the year ‘Through the Language Glass’ revived the colour perception theories of William Gladstone the Prime Minister of Great Britain, which were rejected by the 19th Century’s Great Darwinian Debate. From Deutscher’s research a new neurological science emerged.

Immanuel Kant’s description of an ethical, spiritual, electromagnetic field evolving within the creative, artistic mind, derived from Plato’s search for a spiritual ethic as distinct from mechanistic science.

Following Deutscher’s discovery, Denti and Pregnolato’s crucial work provides the world’s only visual evidence validating the new medical science. The 1955 Russell-Einstein Manifesto proclaimed the threat to humanity posed by the development of nuclear weaponry and called for world leaders to resolve this problem. While their attempt failed, Denti and Pregnolato’s antidote discovery provides the crucial information that is essential to achieve that objective.