Why Haven’t We Solved Global Warming?


The world has its many wonders and spectacles to share with us but slowly these wonders are falling apart. This is due to global warming but not by nature but by man. Yes it is true; we humans have played a large role in causing more damage than nature has due to many obvious reasons. Actually as a matter of fact we as humans have probably caused the most changes to the atmosphere. There are many ways to how we have depleted the ozone layer for our own needs. Changes have occurred such as our over usage of vehicles (which cause large amounts of CO2 to be emitted), deforestation and the increasing growth of our population.

How do vehicles cause a problem?

Each new day people use their cars more and more but not for business matters, some use it for their leisure time or just to show off how wealthy they are. What these people don’t know is that the more they use their cars the more pollution is caused. The more we use them the more oil and gas are burnt out which eventually emit large amounts of carbon dioxide to our atmosphere and cause our ozone layer to deplete. The ozone layer is a covering in the outer layer of our atmosphere which prevents a large amount of sunlight from reaching our atmosphere and causing large amounts of radiation to harm our planet. If this excess sunlight were to reach our world then a great devastation would occur; ice caps would melt, floods would occur, animals would lose their homes and even their lives as well as many droughts.

How does deforestation and population increase cause a problem?

In our daily lives we require materials to build our home or furniture. This may be fine once in a while but now we are overusing our trees for our own needs. Each day more and more children are born thereby increasing the population of the world. Because of this our requirements for wood increases as the amount of trees decrease this is known as deforestation. If trees decrease then more carbon dioxide will be left in the atmosphere as well as the CO2 which was stored in trees.

If this continues onwards then everything will begin to worsen because as our population will increase vehicle usage will also increase as well as pollution. Prevent it by cutting down trees, using less cars or (under some circumstances) have some family planning.