The Kolbrin Bible – Ancient Warnings of Modern Threats

Global warming has become a planetary crisis. We sense the worst is yet to come and the ancients tell us similar events have happened before. They’ve seen natural catastrophes we’ve yet to see, and lived through tribulations we’ve yet to endure. This is why they began writing about their experiences 3600 years ago for the benefit of those yet unborn. All this plus their dire prophesies for our near future come to us in the 11 books of The Kolbrin Bible. It is your history. It is your future. Surviving it, is your choice.

The Kolbrin Bible is a substantial Biblical-era wisdom text of immense value to comparative religion scholars, space threat researchers and philosophers. The earliest books of this ancient manuscript were written following the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt. Unlike the Holy Bible and the Koran, however, it offers a view of ancient times that bridges secular and religious thought. It shows the reader how the ancients pooled their teachings together to overcome the worldwide series of catastrophes that spawned the Exodus. It also sends forth clear, urgent warnings of a repeat of those catastrophes from across the millennia to those of us living today. It also teaches us how, as a species, we can survive and overcome them.

The Kolbrin Bible offers a wealth of knowledge for:


The Kolbrin Bible offers invaluable insights through the writing of ancient authors for those seeking a better understanding of their own faith through comparative analysis. This is because it reflects the cutting-edge metaphysical and philosophical thinking of ancient times. Some researchers feel that the early Egyptian texts may have had a direct influence on the teachings of Jesus, given the Bible’s and the Koran’s accounts of his hiding in Egypt as a child.


For those concerned about space threats, The Kolbrin Bible offers an accurate description of a massive object called “The Destroyer” which orbits our Sun and is due to return with catastrophic results in the near future. It also correlates to Nostradamus’s “Bearded Star,” Mother Shipton’s “Fiery Dragon” and the “Red Comet” warning of the Mayan Calendar Prophecies.


The Kolbrin Bible differs from the Holy Bible and Koran in that it offers a human-centered paradigm consistent with many “New Age” beliefs. The personal accounts in The Kolbrin Bible offer invaluable insights and a time machine journey into the genesis of the early religious and metaphysical thought following the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt. It teaches that we best serve God, the Light behind the Light, by serving one another. Facing obliteration by religious and government officials, these teachings eventually took root throughout ancient Europe and flourished, growing fastest during the beginning of the European Renaissance in the 14th century.


The parallels between the “sack” of the Library of Alexandria and the near loss of The Kolbrin Bible are of interest to scholars, researchers and philosophers alike.

Founded at the beginning of the 3rd century BCE, the Library of Alexandria was the largest in the world at that time. It was burned during Julius Caesar’s invasion of Alexandria (48 – 47 BCE). According to the Roman Philosopher and author, Aulus Gellius (123 – 169) the “sack” of Alexandria destroyed 700,000 scrolls; the pitiful few that survived only whet our regrets over this tragic loss. Oddly, the same fate nearly befell The Kolbrin Bible.

The Britain Book, the last book in The Kolbrin Bible, states that Joseph of Arimathea, great uncle to Jesus Christ, brought the Egyptian Scrolls with him when he brought the family and friends of Jesus from Judea to Britain. Credible sources state that Joseph founded Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset County, in the southwest of Britain, where the scrolls were stored for safekeeping. However, much of The Kolbrin was lost to an arson fire in 1184. Luckily, some of the original manuscripts were carved into thin bronze sheets, and stored in copper-clad boxes. These bronze sheets became known as The Bronzebook of Britain and were later combined with another collection, The Coelbook, to become The Kolbrin Bible.


The need to study The Kolbrin Bible is urgent because it warns us of a long period object called “The Destroyer” that is soon to return. The detailed accounts contained in The Kolbrin Bible of the last flyby event are factually prescient and help explain current perturbations in our solar system. More importantly, The Kolbrin Bible offers us new hope by telling us how humanity survived and evolved beyond the last flyby of “The Destroyer.”

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The Biggest and Most Expensive Science Experiment and The Martian "Refreshment"

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

The Large Hardon Collider or the LHC, is a highly publicized as the biggest science experiment of all time, was certainly, with no question, the most expensive, costing about a staggering $9 billion. The LHC, the most powerful particle collider ever assembled, was built near Geneva in Switzerland, by a group of more than 10, 000 scientists and support staff from 111 nations. Activated for the first time in September 2008, the LHC will be used to help physicists understand more complex issues such as dark matter and other mysteries of the universe. But some mechanical problems caused the LHC to shut down until around the summer of 2009.


Many people feared that the Large Hardon Collider (LHC) would be so powerful and strong that it would create a black hole and swallow the universe. Thanks God! The good news is it did not.

The Martian Refreshments

Over the summer, NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander spacecraft took soil samples from the surface of Mars that turned out to contain H2O – good old water, just like on Earth. While the Mars Odyssey Orbiter had already found evidence of water in the form of ice, the Phoenix event was the first time a NASA probe had actually “touched and tasted” water sample. This was exciting for the scientists because water- particularly if it gets warm enough to thaw from ice to liquid – is one good indicator of the possibility of life on the Red Planet.

Why Haven’t We Solved Global Warming?


The world has its many wonders and spectacles to share with us but slowly these wonders are falling apart. This is due to global warming but not by nature but by man. Yes it is true; we humans have played a large role in causing more damage than nature has due to many obvious reasons. Actually as a matter of fact we as humans have probably caused the most changes to the atmosphere. There are many ways to how we have depleted the ozone layer for our own needs. Changes have occurred such as our over usage of vehicles (which cause large amounts of CO2 to be emitted), deforestation and the increasing growth of our population.

How do vehicles cause a problem?

Each new day people use their cars more and more but not for business matters, some use it for their leisure time or just to show off how wealthy they are. What these people don’t know is that the more they use their cars the more pollution is caused. The more we use them the more oil and gas are burnt out which eventually emit large amounts of carbon dioxide to our atmosphere and cause our ozone layer to deplete. The ozone layer is a covering in the outer layer of our atmosphere which prevents a large amount of sunlight from reaching our atmosphere and causing large amounts of radiation to harm our planet. If this excess sunlight were to reach our world then a great devastation would occur; ice caps would melt, floods would occur, animals would lose their homes and even their lives as well as many droughts.

How does deforestation and population increase cause a problem?

In our daily lives we require materials to build our home or furniture. This may be fine once in a while but now we are overusing our trees for our own needs. Each day more and more children are born thereby increasing the population of the world. Because of this our requirements for wood increases as the amount of trees decrease this is known as deforestation. If trees decrease then more carbon dioxide will be left in the atmosphere as well as the CO2 which was stored in trees.

If this continues onwards then everything will begin to worsen because as our population will increase vehicle usage will also increase as well as pollution. Prevent it by cutting down trees, using less cars or (under some circumstances) have some family planning.

Kayak Morphing Paddles for Optimum Efficiency – New Future Sports Concept

Have you ever paddled a kayak in the ocean? Well, if you have you know it is hard work and your stomach muscles, pecks, and arms hurt like hell afterwards. Oh and if you are not doing it right, your butt is sore, your legs ache, and your back hurts – basically you are toast, not to mention the sunburn you’ll have to deal with if you try this on a sunny day.

Once you are out there battling the waves, and once you get out a ways, there is no quitting, you still have to get back in, or allow the current and tide to take you where it will, and usually that is not where you want to go. Yes, let’s talk, because it would be nice if we could make this grueling sport just a little easier.

First, I’d like to tell you about a new technology I read about online, and then I’d like to see if we could enhance these features to help us in the sport of kayaking even more because what these researchers have come up with is pretty decent, and I think there are even more applications than once thought – I want to explore this new sporting concept with you for a few moments.

In Gizmag there was an interesting article titled; “World’s first Kayak Power Meter brings bike-like metering to paddlers,” by C.C. Weiss posted on July 19, 2013. These kayak paddles help the rower understand when the peak output of force is and allows the rower to adjust to help them conserve energy and remain efficient. Okay, now that is really cool, but I have another idea;

Let’s make these kayak paddles morphable, and get them to turn slightly to help them ease into the water and then out of the water on each stroke using haptic sensors and simple algorithms. Now then, when the paddle enters the water we want the absolute least amount of resistance, cutting into butter at a sharp angle, then once in the water the paddle gets ready for the power stroke, where the rower is producing the most power based on the rowers geometry, ergonomics, strength, and water resistance.

Then as that power slows and start to taper off, the paddle morphs into the perfect shape to shoot it out of the water with the least resistance, helping the rower pull it back into position quickly for the next stroke in the most efficient manner possible. The reality is we already have all the math to get this done, we already have sophisticated CADCAM fluid dynamic software, morphing materials, and this company listed above seems to have everything else we need to make this happen. So, please consider all this and think on it.